For all of you who don’t know,

Pinkfoods-cupcakes in no longer active. All cupcakes will be posted on, So follow!!!!!! :D

Cupcake SPAM tonight on Pinkfoods!

This blog is no longer active so if you’re not already following pinkfoods, follow now! Or you’ll miss out ;D

P.S. Pacific Nothwest time!

ggdrummergirl said:

It's beautiful ='D i want them alll! =]]]


passionforcupcakes said:

i love your blog!

thanks hun!

cupcakesandrainbowsprinkles-dea said:

I Love your blogg!

We love yours too!

a4rons-deactivated20120710 said:

Hey so i super love your blog! the cupcakes all look amazing! but i think you should click edit on your blog then go to appearance and scroll down and then put 12 pictures per a page instead of 10. it looks better! hope i helped :)

We actually changed our theme but thanks anyway!!

dream-anchors said:

omg your blog!!!! <333333 I make cupcakes too! (:


beautycanbefoundwithin said:

i'm in love with your blog.

Thank you!!